The Story of Axigator

“The Mystery of Our Psyche and Hidden Romance

I wanted to show raw life – when things don’t always work out as they should. The main purpose of my book was to demonstrate the destructive effect of guilt and self-accusation. I had the goal of bringing some relief-understanding that even with all the mistakes we make and grief we experience, we can always find our life’s purpose.

Valda Taurus, author

About the book

Though the book has the trappings of a standard crime novel, its pacing and its concern for the emotional lives of its characters give it a surprisingly literary quality. The novel has some fun twists, and it presents a charmingly cartoonish portrait of Alaska. (Reviwer)

The title Killing Your Best Friend, The Mystery of Our Psyche and Hidden Romance caught my attention rather easily. After checking the information on the book and the author, Valda Taurus, I expected a story about the inner workings of a character’s mind. This book was exactly that and so much more. The narrative is told in various perspectives of the main protagonists: Tammy, the neighbor; Marta, the wife of murder suspect Alexander, and Detective Andy Mohr. The story starts with Tammy awake with insomnia, looking out her bedroom window. She sees light from the neighbor’s workshop and knows something is wrong. From this point, Taurus starts implementing twists and turns of suspense that kept my attention to where I couldn’t stop reading. – Online Book Club Review –

This is definitely a book that would be thoroughly enjoyed by readers that like mystery and suspense. The supporting characters that jump in and out of the story were more additions to the twists and insights of what happened the night of the murder. Taurus effectively kept the pace of the story so it flowed smoothly. … Each character was described in detail where it was easy to relate to their experiences without being overly wordy. I recommend this great thriller to any mature reader that likes being kept on their toes with plot twists. I hope that Taurus continues writing as she had all the elements of a great mystery novel captured in this book.

– Online Book Club Review –



They want to forget their connection, but they can't. Two couples share a duplex. Every night a mother sends her daughter to the back room so the other does not hear the sounds of passion behind their walls. Embarrassment. Guilt. They need to survive far in the north. They need sun. They are desperate for heat. And after all, all they need is love...


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Marta finds the corpse of her husband’s friend in a barn. All evidence, including the fingerprint trigger immediate suspicion toward her husband Alexander (nicknamed Ax). All night long he had been drinking with his friend but he could not recall any details about such a dramatic event. Marta, blind with her love, refuses to believe that Ax could have committed such a chilling murder. After all, the victim was his best friend. Nobody except for Marta and another woman – her neighbor Tammy – doubts his guilt. Ax’s situation is aggravated by the fact that he had already served ten years for his first murder to which he came to a full confession. Now, things are quite different… Detective Mohr is trying to sort out this case, without even taking any monetary reward for his normally expensive service. There is a significant feature in this murder that triggers his interest: the second time Alexander killed one of his friends precisely on Mother’s Day. Why is that? A pure coincidence? Or a murderous pattern?

“You can escape anything,
but not yourself!”

Detective Andy Mohr

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