The Philosophy I Believe In

Be yourself, but don’t hurt anybody.

The balance keeps the peace.


Having spent most of her life in the northern hemisphere of the globe, Valda Taurus is inspired by stories of survival in extreme situations, whether it be a natural disaster or an inner psychological struggle. She has a Masters in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology. Thus, it naturally flows in her manner of being an avid and judgment-free people observer. On the path to turning herself into a writer, she completed an advanced fiction writing course. Inspired by her imagination, she decided to write her first novel appealing to the subject of some psychological problems such the feelings of guilt and self-accusation.

About this book

When writing this novel, I decided to create characters that summoned conflicting feelings. There is nothing unequivocal in this world, everything is relative to many things so that to evaluate something on a two-digit scale, which is either good or bad, is doubtful at least.

How did this book come to be?

I Inherited Questions I Was Eager to Answer

The story badly annoyed me for years. A decade at least. When my mom passed away in 2007, the story started to haunt me. In particular, there were two questions shadowed me everywhere.The questions that my mom had been asking herself while sorting out some mysterious relationships in her neighborhood. With those questions everything had been turned upside down for me before I dared, just dared, to write. I became obsessed with my idea of the book in which I was going to answer them. 

Dare to write!

Yes! I wanted to share my story. Otherwise, why had I created it from the beginning? Yes, I wanted to let my characters out. I sacrificed for them, sleeping four hours a day and thinking of them every moment during a two-year period in the process of writing and polishing my book. Notwithstanding, if my characters are good or bad in your eyes, they will always remain my kids. And as their mother, I would understand their actions and be ready to explain them to you if you inquire. As a writer, I should not judge, period. And I do not judge, because to any action there is always a relevant explanation.

There is always a way out to carve your way in!

There was always something in my life that kept me back from writing – either it was a lack of time or lack of self-confidence. Then, one day everything began to crumble like a house of cards and this circumstance forced me to simply survive. I lay in bed, struggling with pain, worried about every wrong move. “What will I do now?” was my terrifying thought. I reflected over and over. There was plenty of time for doing nothing. “How terrible that sounds – doing nothing! No way!” I swore to myself. “Now! Now is the right time for me to pursue my dream.” I remember when my doctor pulled out a pen from his pocket and said, “Do you see this pen? You can’t lift anything heavier than this.” His words sounded to me as a weighty argument toward the fact that the time had arrived to utilize my long-standing desire to become a writer.

A cover is not the book! So, open it up and take a look!

I would like to ask you not to referee the genre of my book as a mystery by the canons. My goal was to show raw life when things don’t always work out as they should. That is why you may not find all the elements that classic mystery supposed to have. There is always a place for drama and comedy, for romance and mystery in anybody’s life. Myself, I would like to name my genre as a Mystery of Psyche and Hidden Romance

Now, a few words about the cover. Yeah, it was just a struck of lightning. I called my friend and professional graphic designer Terri.

“I have an idea about the cover! Just came up with it now!”

“So? What is it?” She was eager to hear me out.

“I will explain when we meet. What about in an hour?”

“Yes,” was her calm voice. “We can do that.”

Terri is always up to help. She has a positive attitude and passion for achieving goals. The next day the cover was ready. Of course, some changes to the little details followed, but the central piece with the man/creature/or something else (no spoilers!) standing in the boat, was ready the day after I brought my idea up. 

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